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Hello everybody. I am Daniel from the beautiful city of San Francisco, United States of America. I have something interesting to share with all the big beautiful women and their admirers.

I have always look BBWs. Their extra – curvy body has always attracted me. Despite being mocked at by all my friends who have skinny girlfriends, I chose to get into a relationship with a plus sized woman. BBWs have a kind of charm that not every person can visualize and this is why I couldn’t trade any other person for a BBW.

find bbw on the dating siteI even challenged my friends that I’d find my perfect BBW match in less than a year. However, finding BBWs is certainly not as easy as finding any other woman. This was tough. I got onto several dating sites and social networks and started adding people, whom I found interesting. I soon realized that it wasn’t the right approach to dating a big beautiful woman.

I was disappointed and demoralized on not having found the love of my life when all my friends had girlfriends and some were on the verge of getting married. I did a little bit of research on the internet and got to know of a dedicated website that brings together BBWs and their admirers from all over the world. This site was called

After having tried scores of dating sites, was a breath of fresh air. I got in touch with a lot of genuine BBWs from USA as well as from other nations like the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Germany. I was overwhelmed to see the response that I was getting on this site. I loved using but that wasn’t my agenda. I had joined this site to find my life companion.


bbw and her admirer got marriedI continued searching for plus sized women in San Francisco. The search algorithm on this site is brilliant and helped me filter down results based on my preferences. In due course of time, I found some lovely ladies on this site, whom I later went on dates to know them better. It was great! I found something that I’d been looking for since my days at the graduate school.

I finally found a girl from San Diego. From the moment we started interacting, I knew she was the one for me. We are all set to get married in a month or two. I recommend this site to all those seeking a BBW. On the other hand, if you’re a BBW you’ll find a lot of eligible bachelors here.

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